Why writing with a pen is superior to using a computer

by Damon Kostidis on Feb 10, 2023

The technological revolution has changed the way people approach writing. In the early days, pen and paper were the only tools available to those who wished to compose their thoughts into words. But in the modern age, computers and other digital devices have become the go-to tools for writing, leaving pens and paper behind.

But, according to the latest research, it appears that writing with a pen might be better than using a computer. To understand why writing with a pen is superior, one must look at the history of writing and the psychology behind it.

For centuries, pens have been the primary writing tool. From the quill pen of the Middle Ages to the fountain pens of the Victorian era, pens have been the most effective and efficient means of transferring thoughts to paper. And while computers have made writing more accessible to many, they have also changed the way people write.

When writing with a pen, the act of writing itself is a process of contemplation. The physical act of forming words on paper forces us to slow down and consider the words we are writing. We are forced to think about how to best express our thoughts, something that is not as necessary when typing on a computer. This process of contemplation allows us to write with more clarity and precision, something that cannot be replicated on a computer.

In addition to the contemplative nature of writing with a pen, people who write with a pen are more likely to remember the ideas they have written down. Studies have shown that people remember more information when they have written it down with a pen than when they have typed it on a computer. This is because the physical act of writing with a pen engages the brain in a way that typing does not.

Another benefit of writing with a pen is that it can encourage creative thinking. Writing with a pen allows us to explore our ideas in a more organic way, something that cannot be done when using a computer. We can write at our own pace and in our own style, which allows us to explore ideas with greater freedom and creativity.

Finally, writing with a pen can be a rewarding experience. There is something satisfying about seeing the words we write on paper, something that cannot be achieved when typing on a computer. Writing with a pen gives us a sense of accomplishment that can be motivating and inspiring.

In conclusion, writing with a pen is a superior way to compose thoughts, explore ideas, and remember information. While computers have made writing more accessible, they have not been able to replicate the benefits of writing with a pen. Writing with a pen is a contemplative act that can lead to greater clarity and precision, foster creativity, and be a rewarding experience. It is for these reasons that writing with a pen is superior to using a computer.